February 24th, 2015




Новость номер два

Что-то сегодня день богат на новости.

Via комментарий к одной подзамочной записи:

Britain was pulled closer towards a renewed cold war with Russia when David Cameron announced UK military trainers are to be deployed to help Ukraine forces stave off further Russian backed incursions into sovereign Ukraine territory.


Downing Street said some personnel would be leaving this week as part of the training mission. Initially 30 trainers will be despatched to Kiev with 25 providing advice on medical training, logistics, intelligence analysis and infantry training. A bigger programme of infantry training is expected to follow soon after taking the total number of trainers to 75.

They will not be sent to the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine.


The US already has some military training underway.


Cameron’s decision, made to a Commons committee of MPs, is bound to worsen Anglo-Russian relations, but the prime minister, who has been accused of losing influence in Europe and sleepwalking into the conflict over Ukraine, insisted he did not see a military solution to the crisis. He also said he did not support at this stage sending lethal equipment to Kiev, an issue that is still under consideration in Washington.

Cameron said Europe listened to British expertise on how to implement sanctions, and said the level of sanctions “might become materially different” in the future. He held out the possibility of excluding Russia from the Belgian-based international Swift banking payments system, saying there was a logic to such a move if Moscow continued trying to “dismember” Ukraine.

Ну и новость номер три - на сей раз чисто американская

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission is expected to vote to regulate the Internet as a public good. On Tuesday, Senator John Thune, Republican of South Dakota and chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, all but surrendered on efforts to overturn the coming ruling, conceding Democrats are lining up with President Obama in favor of the F.C.C.

Update: очень хороший комментарий у Atrios: это был гол в свои ворота противников net neutrality. Они чересчур много выиграли в суде, когда судья сказал, что либо FCC классифицирует Интернет как Title II public good, либо FCC не имеет права регулировать их поведение вообще. У FCC просто не оставалось выбора.